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Heart Shaped Pet Memorial Stone A003

Heart Shaped Pet Memorial Stone A003

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  1. About Pet Memorial Stone
    Losing a beloved pet leaves a void in our lives that is hard to fill. To commemorate the memory of our furry friends, a pet memorial stone serves as a meaningful way to cope with the pain of losing them. It also can be gifted to friends or family members who have experienced the loss of a pet.
  2.  Craftsmanship
    (1) Tailored love for your pet is our brand philosophy.
    We design and produce emotionally charged products in a purely manual way and are committed to creating a personalized and artistic lifestyle for you.
    (2) Unlike traditional carving techniques, we utilize UV printing technology to reproduce your pet’s photo in vibrant colors. This ensures that the memories of your furry friend remain vivid in the years to come, reminding you of the happy moments you shared together.
  3. Ordering Process
    How to Place an Order 
    Step 1: Choose the size of the stone.
    Step 2: Enter the appropriate details in the customization area.
    (If you forget to add any details, please contact us via message, and we will assist you.)
    (1) Pet’s name.
    (2) Date.
    (3) Text.
    (4) Up the photo
    For example: Willie, 2006-2022, I’ll meet you at the rainbow bridge.
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